What value do I bring to your organization and what will it cost you?

What Do I do?

I help companies of all sizes with business strategy to enable a ‘joined up’ approach across multiple business function disciplines and workflows.┬áDigital technologies tend to be used in business silos and can cause major political and scaling issues. I can help to streamline and simplify, and to design tactics and workflows that get the best use out of your existing IT infrastructure and new digital technology selections across multiple business areas.

I combine past experience in marketing, interaction design, senior technology management, collaboration strategies and digital transformation initiatives and have worked on many initiatives both as a senior internal employee and as a consultant.
This is a fast moving space and your contexts and business goals define specific approach, but the typical end goal is to improve business performance and solve bottlenecks and pain points from a local to a global level.
I also get involved in cleaning up past initiative failures and relaunching initiatives to salvage investments and in evaluating the effectiveness of participants and the quality of their work.
How do I do it?
Defined by your perceived strategic needs and boundaries my team will typically work with you on specific business problems and initiatives. Typically I/we start with discovery to identify and validate where business challenges lie. This can be informed from a board level down to departmental feedback depending on contexts.
Strategy meetings and whiteboarding innovation sessions coalesce into roadmap materials to be validated by appropriate participants. Execution tactics, from technology and integration selections to workflow roll outs and customer facing initiatives are defined and costed.
Typically board and CFO level decision making are heavily involved in final validation and green lighting larger/broader projects, while smaller projects are approved at the appropriate levels.
What will it cost?
Considerably less than the big five accounting firm’s consulting arms (whose proposed strategic thinking I have also been brought in to validate). Cost is defined by scope and time and I am happy to quote on projects as long as we have realistic boundaries in place.
What will the results be?
The goal is to get a rock solid business strategy in place on multiple levels before you spend large sums on execution. ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ is very common in this poorly understood space, typically as a result of seduction by technology vendors.
Who are you?
What I’m not is not just another digital ‘future of work’ blowhard with hidden vendor agendas!
I’ve always been a client side, technology agnostic advisor, consultant and thought leader/blogger (ZDNet, CIO.com & conferences) helping to find ways for clients to gain benefit from more effective working practices and putting appropriate technologies in place to achieve goals
I bring a unique set of skills, experience, knowledge & connections to help you identify effective ways your organization can gain clarity around digital strategic intents. There are very few people on the planet with my skill set and knowledge who can help you make sense of it all.
You can find my career details on LinkedIn, Most of my work comes through word of mouth and reputation.

By Oliver Marks

Enterprise collaboration expertise

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