Helping firms find cost effective business strategies in our digital era.

Everyone knows we are going through enormous change across IT/mobile and trade channels, but business processes, humans and team collaboration don’t move that fast. Knowing what is real, beneficial and profitably actionable and what is froth and fashion is challenging.

People will only collectively gravitate towards new ways of working if a clear path forward has been designed and clearly communicated to them that offers them a better working lifestyle. The do-nothing alternative is increasing inefficiency and information fragmentation.

Huge opportunities have opened up for cost efficient acceleration of business performance, while current recessionary pressures are causing many realignments.

Change in mature firms is hugely challenging for most organizations, but ignoring the rapid evolution of the many dimensions of our new digital world can be a path to irrelevance.

What Problems Can We Help You Solve?

Most importantly, we work towards your highly specific issues, needs and objectives, designing materials tailor made as executable solutions.

Typical project examples include:

• Workshops, Executive Strategic Advising and Alignment Services to Drive Business Performance

• Technology Provider Selection/Sunsetting and Integration Consulting

• Roadmaps and Enduring Use Strategies

• Corporate Communications and Roll Out Strategy

• Governance, Compliance and Participation Incentives

• Discovery and Internal Communication Campaigns

• Unbiased, Vendor Agnostic Technology Advising Services

• Data Strategies

• Staffing and Human Resources Consulting

• Political Wrangling

• Fragmentation busting – Get Your Workforce Organized

… combinations of the above and more.

Explore ways to leverage our expertise

Oliver Marks and Associates has many years experience aligning business objectives with practical ways forward to achieve them, bringing to bear deep knowledge of effective strategies, stripping out complexities and with deep knowledge of all the major enterprise technology player platform foundations and roadmaps.

We are end user focused and not aligned or partnered with or compensated by any technology or services vendors.

Our work is widely considered as a trusted pair of hands behaving honorably in the best interests of our clients. We are proud of the results of our past work with clients.
(Further information and references available on request).

Please do get in touch if you’d like to hear more or to discuss a particular set of business issues. We are happy to discuss under Non Disclosure Agreement.

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